It’s almost spring and that means the season for weddings are upon us. Wedding photography is becoming a top topic on many of our favorite photography sites.

Each year there are new ideas and techniques from the top photographers. Keeping your skills sharp for your wedding clients can be overwhelming.

I am here to further overwhelm you as these are some of best tips and tricks fro the latest blog posts.

Wedding Photography Portfolios

How do you present your portfolio of wedding photographs to prospective clients?

Fat books of lovely photos and grand webpages of professionally edited images are rightfully presented. This wedding photographer makes the case to provide examples of the story that you will try to tell through your photographs.

It makes sense. There are tons of other images you will likely provide the bridal party they will be equally enthused with.

This article may influence how your wedding portfolio is presented.

Reasons Why I Don’t Like the Concept of Wedding Photography Portfolios

Making Money as a Wedding Photographer

Want to make $100,000 as a wedding photographer? Then the click bait link below is for you.

Regardless the author believes there are 7 tips that can help you in your quest of fat stacks of benjamins.

  1. Know Yourself & Know Your Market
  2. Strategize How to Sell Your Services
  3. Systems
  4. Sell Those Prints
  5. Sell Your Brand & Sell Your Service
  6. Scale Your Business
  7. Lean into What Makes You Different

Yawn. Yes it’s a good idea to learn from someone who is doing it. It’s a boring list man. Solid tips, top to bottom but nothing you probably didn’t already figure out. Market yourself. Sell, sell, sell.

There. You’re ready.

How to Make $100,000 a Year as a Wedding Photographer: 7 Tips

Telling a Story With Your Wedding Photos

Wedding photos either tell a story or are just a series of professional snapshots. The best photographers create a story that can always be visited through their images.

Some photos are posed and other are candid. Taken as a whole they should tell the story of the special day.

Here is an article with video with 5 tips to tell the story.

Wedding photography needs to tell a story – here are five ways to make sure it does

Destination Wedding Photography

There isn’t much difference in photographing a destination wedding and a regular hometown wedding.

Except cost. Doubled expectations. Logistics. Location scouting.

Forget a lens or filter and you might have a tough time finding a replacement on some vacation island getaway.

All these things make a destination wedding a stressful photography session for even the most professional.

Luckily this article will help you prepare for it.

How to Photograph Destination Weddings Successfully

Wedding Photography Competitions

The problem with competition is that you set yourself up for critique.

Get over it and you will raise the level of your wedding photography skill. You will begin to raise the bar of what you can do. You will improve your story-telling ability. But most of all your brand awareness will increase with each competition.

A bit of a click-baity article on wedding photography competitions. However, these are good about why you should be submitting your work for awards.

Are wedding photography competitions fixed?

Bad Wedding Photography

These stories about bad wedding photography are all too common this time of year.

A bride took the offer of a cheap photographer. Unfortunately the photographer’s portfolio was fake. The wedding photos ended up a disaster.

The bride was getting hammered for taking the budget option. I suspect there are tons of talented photographers that offer budget services that any bridal party can afford. The bride should have vetted the photographer. The photographer shouldn’t be a dirtbag. Another high profile wedding photography fail.

Another Wedding Ruined by Bad Photography

Wedding Survey 2018 Results

Interested in facts about the wedding photography industry? They surveyed 300 UK-based photographers.

They came up with gems like the average age is 38. They spend the majority of their time editing. The cost for an average wedding photography session was around $2,000

See how you stand against others in your profession.

2018 Wedding Photography Industry Survey Results Are In: How Do You Compare?

Female Wedding Photographers on Instagram

There are a number of talented female wedding photographers that post their work on Instagram. This is a list of 12 that the author thinks you should be following but probably aren’t.

The author used a modest criteria for choosing among the 7 billion wedding photographers posting on Instagram. I have no idea how he ultimately decided on these 12. The commenters sure have their opinions as well.

No promotional work involved with the profile links of course. Nuh uh. Marketing aside, one could check out these online portfolios for inspiration.

Twelve Female Wedding Photographers You Should Be Following on Instagram but Probably Aren’t

Wedding Photography Reality

There are at least ten truths about wedding photography that every photographer will likely agree upon.

I personally don’t think all but the most experienced understand just how draining wedding photography can be. There is no time to eat. You are constantly on the move. You have tons of photos and need more time than you can imagine to cull and edit them.

An engagement session is an interesting suggestion. As important as the day is you and the bridal party want to make sure the photography is perfect. One way to do that is through practice. Seems silly to put it that way but that’s what this is.

Many people are not very comfortable being in front of the camera. The engagement sessions is a brillaint way to ally any fears and let everyone practice poses.

Practice should segue into planning. There should be a timeline for photo sessions. Inevitably is there isn’t a plan time will simply run out of all the things that you and the bridal party wanted to photograph.

Ten Truths About Wedding Photography

5 Tips for Wedding Photography Planning

B&H, has produced a helpful list of tips for preparing for a wedding. Keeping a list of things you need as well as making sure you have crucial items like backups are all part of the wedding photography game.

Making sure you have planned everything before going to the ceremony is key. This video will help you ensure that you have everything you need.

Andy Marcus Shares 5 Quick Tips About Wedding Photography Preparation

Using a Drone at Wedding Photography

Using a drone at a wedding is becoming as just as important as regular video. If the venue allows, Getting drone shots of the bride and groom as well as the bridal party is very much in demand these days.

As long as you plan the shot the drone  can add a ton of value to your wedding photography package.

You must ensure that you have all the licenses and registration required in the area you will fly the drone. Nothing likethe embarrassment of having it confiscated by authorities during the wedding.

DIY Photography has a nice video and helpful tips to make sure your drone flying is a success.

Take your drone wedding shots to new heights with these 12 helpful tips

Setting Up Your Wedding Photography Business

Another B&H video has been release this wedding season to correspond with your photography business. There are quite a number things to do before you are ready to even book your first client. These helpful tips will get you on the right track for success.

One of the most important things they do cover is getting good insurance. many times this is overlooked when photographers go into business. In this day it arguably the most important thing to start with. And they are quick to suggest the insurance even covers your gear.

A good article for wedding photography business setup.

5 Quick Tips to Set Up Your Wedding Photography Business

Wedding photography in 2019 has a few new wrinkles. Talent trumps all. However, marketing and selling yourself and services are not far behind. Each year new techniques and ideas pop up. This year is no different as the professionals are looking to provide the info for your clicking enjoyment.

I’ll continue to update this wedding photography post as the wedding season progresses.

Update March 1, 2019