Noticed a bunch of Lightroom tips, tricks and observations today.

Lightroom is really good for adjusting skies in your photographs. Scott Kelby released a quick tutorial that shows us how to use the graduated filter and fix the color. Half of the 2 minute video is advertisement so if you want a nice looking sky and have ADD this could be quite useful.

Simple Lightroom Trick For Better-Looking Skies

If the base Lightroom program is just not enough for your editing process then there are tons of plugins that can be added. Lightstalking came up with an opinion list of their top 21 plugins. I’ve personally added a couple of plugins to my pedestrian workflow and found the process to be less than enjoyable.

There is a plugin on the list called Snapheal. I’m sure it does a helluva lot better job at erasing unwanted elements from your photo than Lightroom’s gross editor. But I already have a plugin that I am paying for with Lightoom called Photoshop which does a superior job at editing out junk from the photo.

Intensify is another plugin on the list. Looks to me like it is basically just a paid version of the built-in Lightroom preset called Punch.

I don’t know, I just shrug my shoulders and save my money. I’m sure for many photographers there are plenty of plugins on this list that are valuable to their editing process.

Here Is A List Of The 21 Best Lightroom Plugins of 2019

Harsh light and shadows encroaching in your photo. This Lightroom tutorial will show you how to fix it in your portraits. Professional portraits will obviously always perfect lighting applied or shoot at the optimal time of the day for naural light.

When you are on vacation and having an impromptu photo session of your honey on the beach then these issues will crop up. It’s not perfect but this tip will help greatly.

Here’s an Easy Way to Fix Harsh Lighting and Shadows in Lightroom (VIDEO)

Oh indeed. Presets. I really can’t see spending money on presets when Lightroom makes them so incredibly easy to create yourself. Maybe time and lack of technical interest is why buying presets are so popular among  Lightroom enthusiasts.

I’m not the only one who finds buying them to be a waste of money.

Stop wasting money on Lightroom presets: here are three reasons to create your own