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The Nikon full frame mirrorless camera was officially announced today. Two in fact. In a bid to compete with the industry leading Sony full frame mirrorless cameras they released the Nikon Z6 and Z7. The prices seem in line with typical high-end offerings. The Z6 will set you back $2K and the Z7 will lighten your wallet $3,400.

All the features of the Nikon full frame mirrorless camera are typical. In-body stabilization, 4K, focus peaking, weather sealed, etc. are all included. These are things you would expect them to add as their competitors have long provided their customers with those fun options.

Reviews haven’t been released yet but you can be sure that the usual photography blog suspects will have it covered. These same blogs are dumping the camera specs for your reading enjoyment. I’ll leave the excitement to their professional commentary.

What I am most interested in is when will the YouTubers begin their breathless pronouncement that they are giving up their Sony A7 for the Nikon full frame mirrorless camera. This of course will only be preceded a few months before these same dorks will announce their intention to retreat back to Canon’s new mirrorless. Gotta keep the clicks and views fresh for Adsense.

Too Expensive for Me

Personally I can’t really afford any of the full frame mirrorless cameras on the market. Same for any of those soon to be released. These manufacturers are chasing a dwindling user base and keeping the prices exceptionally high. They likely figure the enthusiast and pros are more than willing to chase the next shiny object.

I realize that the premise of this blog is “No DSLR”. That the likelihood of the DSLR surviving the onslaught of full frame cameras is rather bleak. However, given the sheer number of fabulous full frame DSLR cameras that will likely be hitting the market I will certainly be regarding a used one with sincerity. Nobody is going to want to be left out of the full frame mirrorless camera herd. As such, I really believe that DSLRs will be jettisoned into the scrap heap over the next 2-5 years. Imagine the deals on Canon 5D and 6D that will be available when their owners embrace full frame mirrorless.

The Nikon full frame mirrorless camera is simply the latest shot into the broadside of a sinking DSLR battleship. In the next couple months expect pros and industry hacks to studiously review the cameras and offer their critique. Comparisons will be made with Sony A-series as well as what Canon has to do to compete. I’m sure the comment sections on all the photo blogs will be awash with displeasure and disappointment with some minor detail that all but the most bleary eyed pixel peeper will notice. For the rest of us I’m sure either Nikon full frame mirrorless camera will be a good piece of tech.