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Based on Nikon mirrorless camera reviews apparently the device has all but been deemed useless by the vlogging and blogging photography mafia. Maybe it is. I certainly didn’t get an advance copy of the camera to test out. In fact I have little to no interest in purchasing the camera even if was glorified as the greatest mirrorless camera to ever hit the market.

I just feel kind of bad for Nikon.

The Pros Hate It

Maybe what they should do is send the camera out to regular users for a test drive and Nikon mirrorless camera reviews. Pros have already decided that if they are clicking a mirrorless camera then it will necessarily have to be a Sony variety. I guess they are awesome. I haven’t been offered a chance to try one out and I’m certainly not buying one at the price points they require.

The things that matter to pros do not necessarily matter to enthusiasts or hobbyists. Complaints like only having one card slot might matter to the wedding photographer but for me running out to take photos of my dog, eh, not so much. Apparently there are all sorts of performance issues that pros have the experience to complain about but honestly I would defy the average user to explain what they meant or how it would affect their shooting.


If you like Nikon then I would think you would want to give it a try. If you are a seasoned Sony adoptee then nothing Nikon would drag out would have been of interest to you anyway. Canon devotees of course are waiting on their mirrorless camera option. If like me, you dig micro 4/3 then this camera is not really that interesting.

The Propaganda Bar is Set High By Sony

I think Nikon had a high bar to meet competing with Sony’s high end light collectors. They should have priced both the Z6 and Z7 into the $1-2K range and targeted enthusiasts with these options. Pros are not going to drop their A7R units for these cameras. Targeting pros with a camera like the Z7, Nikon really needs to figure out what nit-pick the pros have about their A7s. They can then present a better option. I have no idea if they thought they were providing a camera pros will upgrade or side-grade to.  However, if you read and listen to pro reviewers these cameras do not make them happy.

These cameras are really expensive for the enthusiast market.  I think at that price people who believe the propaganda from the vlogging blogging pros are going to opt for the latest Sony mirrorless. Or not opt at all and stick with their cropped sensor Rebels or whatever until more affordable options is presented.

Cameras are ridiculously expensive. People I know just say to hell with it and use their smartphone. They’ve already paid a thousand dollars. It’s with them all the time. They don’t have to buy extra lenses and aren’t hauling around a bunch of camera gear to get a photo.

I don’t know if this Nikon mirrorless camera system will be successful or not. The pros who already delivered their Nikon mirrorless camera reviews have driven their share of nails into the coffin. I guess the market will just have to wait to see if the enthusiasts can come through with upgrade fever.