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This past week the camera mob was awash in news about Nikon new mirrorless camera releases of the Z6 and Z7. Plenty of clickbait from those that thought the offering sucked to news that Nikon had not produced enough for the ensuing demand.

The breathless announcement from all the relevant photography blogs described in great detail first impressions and specs of the camera. Complaints were quick to bemoan the lack of dual card slots for storage. Shutterbug did an admirable job of detailing each camera’s specifications. Most blogs were consistent in releasing Nikon’s initial marketing propaganda following the big announcement.

Nikon Unveils Z 7 & Z 6 Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras & Z-Mount Lenses (Hands-On Photos & Impressions)

Indeed, SLR Lounge was getting impatient for the Nikon new mirrorless camera announcement apparently.

Announcing The Nikon Z 7 & Nikon Z 6 Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras | Finally

Shortly after the introduction images were being released from the cameras. Shutterbug was one of the first that I saw to upload their findings. The images to my untrained eye looked fantastic. But I can be fooled trying to determine the difference between iPhone and 1DX photos, so there is that.

Check Out 10 More Full Resolution Images We Shot with the New Nikon Z 7 Mirrorless Camera

SLR Lounge then declared war. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or you know, living a different life than wondering what new light gathering apparatus a manufacturer was going to release, you would have been aware of these initial Nikon new mirrorless camera salvos.

The Nikon Z System | Framing Nikon’s Opening Salvo In The Mirrorless Wars

Those war drums were soon displaced by Fstoppers proclamation of outright disgust.

Why the Nikon Mirrorless Already Sucks

Yikes.  The Sony fanboy was not having any of the old upstart moving in on the mirrorless camera territory.

“Nikon and Canon are trying to reinvent the wheel since they are so late to the party, and who loses in this scenario? The consumer.”

Obviously the only company that should be making mirrorless cameras is Sony.

“At this point, I think Nikon and Canon have already lost. Sony already has the market. Now they are just embarrassingly trying to play catch-up…”

Right. Why on earth would multi-million dollar companies bring to market cameras that the consumer desires? How dare they?

Following that righteous indignation Fstoppers posted another article curating Tony and Chelsea Northrup’s critique of the cameras.

Initial Reviews for Nikon Mirrorless Are Not Good

As such Fstoppers claimed:

“The excitement now seems to be fading and the reality of Nikon’s mirrorless system is starting to set in.”

Tony and Chelsea in the vlog are saddened by the flaws. They aren’t impressed by their lack of professional qualities. They weren’t recommending buying the camera. To be fair they each gave compelling reasons to wait. No judgement here, because really, I’m not buying one regardless.

Moving on, Fstoppers just decided that there is no reason to even participate in the whole mirrorless camera experiment.

Five Reasons Not to Switch to a Mirrorless Camera System Yet

All good reasons despite conceding that “2018 is the year of the mirrorless camera”. However,

“…before ditching your current system and switching to a mirrorless system, you should think twice.”

Apparently they have discovered major flaws that should give anyone pause before joining the future of photography. I never considered it but their number two argument is definitely the most compelling.

“DSLRs Are Still Cameras.”

I’m taking a moment to let that sink in. It resonates even more after typing it out.

“It’s hard to believe, but DSLRs are still digital cameras and you can take photos with them, just like you can do with the new, fancy mirrorless cameras. And before making the switch, remember that the camera bodies are just recording devices with different features.”

That’s beautiful man. <sniff><sniff>

DSLRs are cameras too, man.

SLR Lounge chose to stay in the middle of the road in the debate. The outlined some mostly stale arguments regarding who will like the cameras and who won’t.

The Nikon Z7 and Z6 | Who Will Like Them, And Who Will Not

“Simply put, it is clear that certain photographers should find the Z6 and Z7 to be a perfect dream, while others may find them completely inadequate and unacceptable.”

That is amazing analysis. Some may like it. Some may not. Couldn’t have said it better myself. But you gotta get in the game of clicks. Watching Fstopers get mauled with their hilarious diss of the systems, this outfit thought better of upsetting the herd I guess. They parlayed the good and the bad in a reasoned expose of speed, 4K, stabilization and the ol’ dual card racket.

Canon, of course, couldn’t be left out of the mirrorless party.

Canon and Nikon’s Rivalry Heats Up in the Full-Frame Mirrorless Space

Or as Light Stalking said,

“You didn’t expect Canon to sit back and stay silent did you?”

Well, no I didn’t. More to the point I didn’t expect bloggers to stay silent either.  We got rumors. Rumblings about Canon slinging there two models out into camera mob. And a post that took 400 words to say: Canon is releasing two cameras. Details in September.

Fstoppers couldn’t stop. They curated another disbelieving vlogger weighing in on Nikon.

What Does Nikon’s Entry into Mirrorless Mean for the Industry?

It means a company listened to their customers and offered what they asked for. Sorry, did I say that out loud? The blogger and vlogger determined that:

“…it will take several years of Nikon playing catchup before they can truly compete in the mirrorless market.”

Pros may have decided that the Nikon new mirrorless camera can’t compete in THEIR market. They may prefer the Sony for their professional photography. I suspect that Nikon will compete just fine in the area that actually matters. That would be in the number of units consumers purchased.

Photography Talk refused to let Canon go down without a fight. In their headline paragraph they suggested:

The New Nikon Mirrorless Cameras are Exciting, But Canon Will Give Them a Run for Their Money

I really don’t have much to say about that. Canon will compete. They will match or exceed the current mirrorless cameras in low light and speed. And plus they have a shit ton of glass to work with if they want.

And then this happened:

Nikon Z7 So Popular the Company Apologizes for the Inconvenience

Holy crap. The naysayers didn’t see that coming.

Light Stalkers reports that Peta Pixel reports that Nikon reports:

“Nikon is reportedly producing 20,000 Z7 cameras per month at its factory in Sendai, Japan, but that number won’t be enough to keep the camera from being out of stock the minute it officially launches.”

So despite the nit picks from the photography elite it appears that initial sales will be encouraging to the Nikon tribe. I suspect a similar headline will be erected for Canon.

Never underestimate the herd chasing the latest shiny object. People are never satisfied and will always succumb to G.A.S. (google it). The success of the Nikon new mirrorless camera, despite the vast warnings from the elite, should have never have been in question.