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What Camera to Buy in 7 Helpful Questions

One of the most common questions I hear these days is what camera to buy. Back in the day people would buy a Polaroid or point and shoot camera for taking photos of the family, vacation memories and the like. Some would get interested in photography and buy a big boy...

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Is a 50mm Camera Lens Overrated?

Behold, another blog post on the 50mm camera lens. Read any photography blog and somewhere in the archives you will find a post glorifying the 50mm prime lens. In fact, I was brainwashed in getting one as the replacement for my kit glass. Every website that...

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that's me and a friend I am an enthusiast photographer, which means that I enjoy the art and creativity of taking photos. Most of my favorite photographs are from street style, travel and dogs. I also like to experiment with light and other photography techniques.

Chris Morris

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