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The following is a collection of photography basics for beginners curated from various photography blogs in August. Apparently the editors had a lot to say and dispense on beginner photographers learning the craft. Seemed like a good idea to simply curate them all into one heaping handful of help.

Five Helpful Camera Tips for Beginner Photographers

Fstoppers really went into promoting photography basics for beginners by posting Saurav Sinha’s vlog discussion on taking care of camera equipment and learning how to get good photos. Topics like changing lenses, how to focus in the dark and cleaning your camera are discussed. Nothing super ground breaking but for a beginner they are all tips they could consider.

A Quick Beginner’s Guide to Crop Versus Full-Frame Cameras

No reasonable photo blog could leave out beginner’s when discussing August’s favorite topic, full frame cameras. Since most beginners start with a crop sensor, what better way to indoctrinate them on the glories of full frame than a tasty comparison from Adorama by way of Fstoppers. In the event you weren’t aware, quite a number of photographers choose to shoot with micro four thirds cameras. But that wouldn’t be a sexy photography basics for beginners article.

The Lens Every Beginner Photographer Should Buy

Fstoppers presented a “two-minute tip” with David Bergman showcasing the almighty “nifty-fifty”. This topic typically gets rotated onto photo blogs every couple of months or so. I bought a 50mm because every pro with a blog said to. I used it about three times and got tired of not being able to zoom.

Easy Portrait Photography Tips for Beginner Photographers

Photography Talk brought portrait photography to the beginner table. Mixed in with the enormous photos was a bit of text on posing, aperture setting, perspective of photos and printing. Probably just want to skip the text and stock photos and watch the pretty decent You Tube video they posted.

Why the Canon EOS Rebel T6 is a Great Beginner Camera

Why not? It’s cheap and easy to use. It’s accessible and has plenty of cost effective lenses you can snap on it. When you get ready for the next G.A.S. (google it) level you can easy sell it for a little cash on a trade-in. There, I just saved you a couple minutes from reading the article from Photography Talk.

The Best Canon Lenses for Beginner Photographers

Oh look, another article referencing the “nifty-fifty”. See told you every photo blogger is going to recommend you get one. Photography Talk also recommended the 70-300mm which is fine and dandy for nature shooting and outdoor sports. And of course the 10-18mm for landscapers. There are other great lenses to learn photography basics for beginners. These are typical cost effective and worthwhile choices for most beginners depending on their photography interests.

A Beginner’s Guide To Photoshop Layer Masks

A Photoshop lesson from Light Stalking on the highly useful, and sometimes confusing for newbies, layer masks. As defined by Light Stalking, “Photoshop Layer Masks are simply a copy of the original image where we can black out parts of that image. This enables us to work on parts of it without affecting the areas that we have masked.” Without question utilizing the layer mask is one of the most useful techniques in the Photoshop toolbox. A quick and easy lesson that I found worthwhile.

5 Mistakes Beginners Make In Portrait Photography And How To Avoid Them

A second, and superior, article on portrait photography. Light Stalking tackles mistakes beginners make and how they affect your photo. From framing, centering, pose direction and choice of equipment, this article was useful for learning by other’s mistakes.

A Quick Beginners Guide To The Rule Of Odds

The Rule of Odds was new to me. A composition technique Light Stalking explains that “unlike the rule of thirds, this ‘rule’ isn’t about where you place your subject in the frame of your photo but with arranging elements into very functional and good-looking quantities.” It’s a good lesson in composition. Worth checking out.

A Beginner’s Guide To Buying Your Second Lens

Another article helping beginners separate themselves from their money. This beginner article from Light Stalking offered suggestions from purchasing new or used, crop or full-frame (what, no m4/3?), third party lens options, zoom or prime, etc. A helpful photography basics for beginners article on lenses.

Here Are 4 Photography Mistakes That Beginners Should Avoid, According to Peter McKinnon

Shutterbug presents Peter’s vlog on what he considers are mistakes beginners should avoid. In this stylistic video he takes the viewer through mistakes he made when starting out.

A Beginner’s Step-by-Step Guide to Shooting Long Exposure Photos

PetaPixel details in 12 easy steps how to shoot long exposure photos. This technique is actually one of my favorites in photography. I think this guide gets it right in both content and length. Well done.


I hope this post was helpful in curating all the photography basics for beginners articles from the leading photography blogs. For a beginner I think there were a couple of good guides that will help in becoming a better photographer.