I’ve been trying to get a photography time lapse of flowers opening up around the garden this spring. The timing has been a challenge. 

I decided to try and use my GoPro Hero7 for flower time lapse photography. This action camera is super easy to use and I like the quality of the photos.

Smartphone cameras have an easy to use time lapse capability but I don’t care for the third-party holders to get the smartphone connected to a tripod. It’s just kind of a pain.

Anyway, the GoPro Hero7 is simple enough to use for time lapse photography. The standard GoPro tripod mount makes it easy to connect to any tripod.

I finally shot this time lapse of a flower opening up one morning.

Pretty cool, right?

Time Lapse Photography GoPro Settings

The camera settings are fairly simple.

  • Turn on the GoPro.
  • Use the touchscreen to slide over to Time Lapse.
  • Click the little icon in the corner of the screen. It will bring up the menu of various time lapse options. I simply used Time Lapse Photo for this project.
  • In the middle of the screen it will show the settings. For the flower timelapse I used 10 seconds on linear. Protune off.

Click the big red button and you’re off and running. I let it run the battery out which gave me a couple of hours for the flower to bloom. I have extra batteries that I could have used, if needed.

When I was done I connected the camera to my computer and uploaded all the photos into a folder. I took the photos and created the timelapse video with Photoshop.

This video is what I use as a guide to assemble all my timelapses.

I know some people would rather use the GoPro software. I don’t care for it and edit all my photos and videos through third-party programs like Lightroom, Photoshop and Movie Studio.

Why would I use a GoPro for timelapse and not my G9? It was handy and easy to set up on the tripod. It’s very light.

The tripod I use has an arm that swings out and can set up the camera horizontally looking down. Pretty handy.

It can hold a regular camera just fine but putting the GoPro on there was just a bit easier and faster.

I typically like to use my G9 for timelapse. It will create the final video in camera. That is very handy when I don’t want to build it in Photoshop.

But there is just something satisfying about not having to fuss about with lens and focal length and all that stuff. With the GoPro I just put it on the tripod and pushed record.

It used to be that cameras did not come with an intervalometer. There had to be some external device to trigger the shutter at whatever interval you wanted. Today it is built in to just about any newer competent camera which makes creating time lapses simple.

With these cameras it is really easy to set up a time lapse to shoot a flower opening up. The only problem I had was figuring out when it would open. I got lucky and this one didn’t open until mid morning. The others in the garden seem like the bloomed right at sunrise. They were fully closed at night but when I got up an hour or so after sunrise they were already in full bloom.