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Welp, it appears the Internet photography tribes are all buzzing about the latest news that the Sony mirrorless full frame camera is #1. They have sold more cameras han anyone. This includes mirrorless and DSLR.

SLR Lounge blogs about Sony’s report:

Sony has released some blunt figures, and they are significant:

  1. Sony has has overtaken and held the No. 1 overall position in the United States full-frame interchangeable lens camera market in the first half of 2018, in both dollars and units
  2. In that time period, 4 out of every 10 full-frame cameras sold have come from the Sony brand
  3. In the mirrorless market overall Sony has held the No. 1 position in both dollars and units for more than six years

These are the facts of the case, and they are undisputed.

Goodnight DSLR

We know for one thing that the DSLR is dead. I can only imagine how feverishly Canon and Nikon are working to bring their competing brands to the market. In fact, I would be surprised if they each did not release a family of mirrorless cameras. I think it would be a mistake not too.

There should be a high-end, an enthusiast model and one for beginners. I have a feeling that they won’t be so bold because to do so would cannibalize the remaining carcass of their DSLR lines.

For me it matters little as I will continue to enjoy the niche status of shooting micro four thirds. It is of course mirrorless but the wrong size sensor. Along with the death chants for DSLR many also resuming the micro 4/3 death watch.

Canon and Nikon will get their stuff together and make some great and well-received mirrorless cameras. Whether it is too little too late to catch up with a Sony mirrorless full frame camera is the big question. It really wouldn’t take much to be on par with Sony but whether they are listening to their customers is to be seen.

You can’t read a blog or a comment today without someone declaring their love for Sony and selling off their DSLR. Give Nikon and Canon a year to get their mirrorless offerings to market and it will be enjoyable watching the reverse. People love chasing the latest shiny objects.

Micro 4/3 cameras are really in a bind. It has a lovely niche following but split between Olympus and Panasonic to grab a tiny piece of the pie will result in some sort of consolidating bloodbath. IMO.

Reports Ignoring the Camera Phone

All this DSLR/mirrorless drama is happening among the backdrop of Apple and Samsung creating a camera system that most people use. They are the biggest disrupters. The quality of the photos and ease of use is keeping amateurs and hobbyists out of the camera market. It’s a big ol’ “eff it, I’ve already spent a thousand dollars on this gizmo that actually takes really good photos. No need to buy a bulky box to do the same thing.”

I don’t share that opinion as I like having a dedicated camera. Used to be amateurs using a point and shoot would see a real bump in quality and technology by jumping to the DSLR. That jump is blurred when comparing an iPhoneX with many DSLRs.

A pro would obviously know how to get far better photos from a camera compared to a smartphone. The amateur might not. Ergo they just stick with what posts quickly to Facebook.

Who Will Win the War?

Anyway, yes the Sony mirrorless full frame camera is kicking butt in a declining overall camera market. They have the lead over Canon and Nikon in the mirrorless camera market. I doubt that lead is insurmountable. Panasonic and Olympus are fighting over table scraps in the micro 4/3 market. Fuji and Pentax? Really sad but they are likely dead.

All this drama is simply backwash to the real photography hardware war between Apple and Samsung.

I’ll keep photographing with my Panasonic G9 until it simply won’t turn on. I have two quality lenses and frankly nothing out there interests me in changing. If I feel the need to worry about low-light photography then I suppose I’ll be able to get a really nice Canon/Nikon DSLR for cheap. You know, since everyone is trading gear to grab the latest Sony mirrorless full frame camera.