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Dog Photography Tips for Fast Action

I am constantly on the lookout for dog photography tips that make getting the shot easy when the animal is so active. Our dogs have ranged from energetic to chill. Obviously the ones that sit still are a breeze to photograph. Heck, even sitting them in a studio...

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What Camera to Buy in 7 Helpful Questions

One of the most common questions I hear these days is what camera to buy. Back in the day people would buy a Polaroid or point and shoot camera for taking photos of the family, vacation memories and the like. Some would get interested in photography and buy a big boy...

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Is a 50mm Camera Lens Overrated?

Behold, another blog post on the 50mm camera lens. Read any photography blog and somewhere in the archives you will find a post glorifying the 50mm prime lens. In fact, I was brainwashed in getting one as the replacement for my kit glass. Every website that...

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that's me and a friend I am an enthusiast photographer, which means that I enjoy the art and creativity of taking photos. Most of my favorite photographs are from street style, travel and dogs. I also like to experiment with light and other photography techniques.

Chris Morris

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